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Can I lock it?

Yes, of course.

How about safety?

Helmet and life jacket are advisable but not compulsary for adults.

How do I go from bike to boat mode and opposite?

It takes about 5 minutes. Check out this VIDEO

How do I charge the batteries?

A charging cable is included and it plugs into the most common 220V socket.

How fast is the BeTRITON?

It is limited for 25 km/h overland and it goes up to 8 km/h on water.

How many people fit in BeTRITON?

Two people.

Is it fully electric?

Yes, both boat and bike motors are electric.

What happens if the battery runs out?

You can still pedal with your own power and use oars to get to the nearest 220V socket.

What are the product dimensions?

Bike dimensions are L=3.95m / W=1.45m / H=1.75m and Boat dimensions are L=4.15m / W=2.37m / H=1.65m

What is the range?

100+ km overland and 30+ km on water depending on various conditions

What’s the weight?

Unloaded = 250kg and fully loaded max. 450kg

What type of vehicle is BeTRITON?

Electric bicycle, amphibious vehicle, comparable to small category D boat for inland waters.

What is the max weight BeTRITON can carry?

2 adults + 2 pieces of luggage (clothes, food, camping gear). About 200 kg.

Purchase & Delivery

How long it will take to receive BeTRITON after reservation?

Depends on where you’re based. We’ll start with deliveries to Europe pre-orders first even though you might be in front of the queue. This is purely to run initial tests on product quality and gain customer feedback locally before we ship it out overseas. We will contact you as soon as we’re ready for the manufacturing of your particular unit.

What about servicing?

Initially, we’ll be providing annual checks and servicing from where we’re based – Latvia. This will suffice for the Baltics and Northern Europe but we’ll be expanding quickly and will set up servicing points worldwide along with dealerships.

What will be the BeTRITON price?

The current full price estimate of one BeTRITON is at 17,900 EUR depending on specification (excl. VAT, shipping). This is subject to minor changes and further product development. We’re working on the manufacturing model and our Bill Of Materials. We intend to offer this product of a very good quality (handmade in the EU) but affordable to many.

What's the warranty?

We’ll be adjusting this but as a minimum – 2 years.

When will you start to deliver the product?

Ready made version of BeTRITON: 2023, DIY kits: 2024

Will you be shipping worldwide?

Yes, that is the plan certainly although we will start with Europe first. The intention is to test the product in relative proximity before it gets shipped worldwide.

Boat & Camp modes

Are there interior lights?

Yes, there are two small light fixtures inside the cabin

Can I cook inside?

Yes, you can with considerable care though. It’s a small space but it is possible to configure the 4 seats as 2 benches with table or 2 + 2 forming a lounge space.

Can I row the boat?

Yes, you can if needed, for example if you run out of battery power.

Can I use it in the sea/ocean?

Nope, freshwater (inland lakes and rivers) only. The boat is not designed to tackle ocean waves and some of the parts are not made to withstand saline water.

Can it be heated?

Yes, we’re working on options. It will not be included in the basic spec but there will be a portable option for heating as well as cooling for hotter climates.

How big is the motor?

Max. power = 2150 W

Is there a space for luggage?

Yes, plenty. Using a couple of rucksacks is advised but there is space for more. It will limit the interior space and might affect your comfort while sleeping but it’s up to you how you use the given space.

Is there an anchor included?

Yes, a small folding anchor can be added to your order but it’s not part of the the standard set.

What are the dimensions of the sleeping area?

W = 0.94 m / L = 2.0 m

What is the range?

30+ km depending on chosen speed, weather conditions, current, etc.

What’s the max speed?

Up to 8 km/h. We’re still testing, working on the speed/boat motor.

Bike Mode

Can I go on the highway?

Most likely not. It classifies as an electric bicycle and it’s 1.45m wide. Be aware of the traffic signs and allowed transport modes.

Can I ride on designated bicycle paths?

Yes, but depends how wide is the path. BeTRITON is 1.45 m wide so you’ll have to be wary of other cyclists.

Do I need a driver's licence?

No, not required - it’s a bicycle and oar boat by definition.

Does it recharge as you ride?

Solar panels charge the batteries while you ride but it’s insufficient to run continuously so you’ll have to plug and charge now and then. There is no regen in the bike motor yet.

How big is the bike motor?

Nominal power = 250W (EU), 500W (Canada), 750W (US)

Is it road legal?

Yes, it classifies as an electric bicycle.

What is the range?

100+ km depending on terrain and chosen assistance level.

What’s the speed?

Limited to 25 km/h max.

Where can I park BeTRITON?

Dimensions are similar to a small car. Any car parking will do but technically, as an electric bicycle, you should be able to get away by parking on sidewalks too.

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